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35 years old, married with one child. Based in Singapore, originally from Germany her main source of support was her husband, locally and her sister in Germany. Nicole's daughter was diagnosed with cancer at 1 and a half years old.  For the following year her baby underwent surgery, and cancer treatments.  I met Nicole when her daughter was 2 and a half.  Her daughter was thriving from the treatments and her physio was ongoing.  Nicole was addicted to her phone, in particular to researching symptoms, possible future problems and alternative treatments.  Her main fear was dealing with a curvature of the spine after the successful removal of a 5 cm tumor on her spine. Nicole's side of the story.  Book with Laurie now. 


33 years old, married with one child. Based in Dublin, originally from up the country.  Her main source of support is her husband and her parents in law.  Maeve's anxiety was made more noticeable when her son was diagnosed with autism.  Her main challenges were figuring out how to select the best school and to manage commuting to the school.   Her son was finding it difficult cope with changing schools.  He felt comfortable going to his playgroup and just thinking about changing schools made him very uncomfortable.  He had panic attacks, would refuse to leave the house and had problems attending family events because he has fear of new places and people.  Maeve's parents and husband were dedicated to helping and did everything they could but they had difficulty understanding how special care wasn't a form of coddling and she needed to manage her own anxiety while trying to communicate effectively with family and friends regarding her son's care. Maeve's side of the story. Book with Laurie now. 


52 years old and in a committed relationship.  Based in the UK originally from Northern Ireland.  Long ago, Anne had a very serious choice to make.  She had to decide how best to leave the cult she was born into.  Should she escape and leave her 5 children behind and be condemned to eternal death or just take her own life - many times she had been told it would be better to kill yourself than to become worldly.  Anne chose life and escape.  She became worldly.  After that, she was shunned and has had minimal contact with her now adult children. I met Anne 10 years after her courageous decision and we work on managing the the feelings of loss that the decision brought her.   Anne's side of the story. Go to booking page. 


58 years old, married 35 years.  Carolyn has one grown up daughter and a grandchild.  After years of tolerating the relationship she had with her husband, Carolyn reached a point where she couldn't see her way to going another day in marriage to him.  She could not see herself as a divorced woman and couldn't imagine the pain her decision could cause her extended family.  She loves her husband but finds their communication styles to be intolerable.  She was in daily pain from the way she felt she was being treated, being deliberately ignored, feeling helpless to influence him and knowing her feelings didn't matter at all to him.  When she reached out to me, she was seriously considering a separation.  After doing a training program with me, we did a few coaching calls and she now manages the feelings she has and has worked on improving communication between herself and her husband.  They renewed their vows after 9 months of working with me. Carolyn's side of the story. Go to the booking page now. 


A 39 year old independant woman living in the UK with family scattered abroad, Yasmin lived in a variety of places in her life as she searched for ways to cope with family, circumstances and life.  She spent her life searching for answers, knew all of the gurus, self help methods and studied meditation and spirituality at a very deep level.  With vast experience, skills developed from necessity as well as inate talent, Yasmin had everything at her fingertips to solve the problems she faced.  With a deep sense of family loyalty, strong moral values regarding relationships and how to respect others, Yasmin was faced with the conundrum of how to stay true to herself by setting boundaries with family and friends, still maintain equilibrium in her life without getting overwhelmed and avoid a sense of selfishness. 

She came to me at the recommendation of a friend of hers, looking for something more.  And she found it all within her own wisdom.  Yasmin's side of the story.  Go to the booking page here. 


A 56 year old business woman who moved from Germany to the UK in order to set up a well established German brand in the UK.  Maja, an expert in Peter Hess ® Singing Bowl Massage and Therapy reached out to Business Coaches for help but got burned five times in a row.  Her experience made her feel helpless to find someone that would be as invested in her success as in making money of their own.  Maja's lack of experience in social media marketing made the struggle even more daunting.  When we met, she needed to believe in herself and gain experience on what type of marketing suits her.  We used my problem solving techniques and trial and error so Maja could find out for herself what works for her.  This information and confidence building gave her the strength to go out and hire another business coach! Maja's side of the story Go to the booking page here. 

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