photo: Yasmin Saab 

I was going through a very challenging phase where everything in my life seemed to be going wrong.

I had taken a redundancy package and was studying online to retrain for a new career. I was living in a rented house longing to complete the course and find a job which would allow me to get on the property ladder. At the same time, I was struggling with my body image and dating life.

I had lost my mother a few months prior and was having a bad time in general. A friend recommended that I meet Laurie with the potential to work with her.

Following a chat with Laurie I signed up for her coaching program.

With her guidance and through conversations I realised that the online course I had taken wasn’t for me. Making the decision to quit instantly alleviated a huge amount of anxiety. I managed to get 90% of the fees refunded which was a bonus.

She helped me establish what type of partner I wanted to find and navigated the first few months of a potential relationship with me. She encouraged me to be myself and always offered perspectives I had never considered. She helped me deal with a lot of relationship anxiety and somehow gave me the courage to be open with the man I was seeing.

Due to Laurie’s tireless encouragement and wise advice, I’m happy to say that I’m now living with this man whom I adore and we’re only a couple of months away from our one year anniversary.

She also helped me come to the conclusion that what I really wanted to do is a few months of voluntary service at a meditation centre I frequent.

This work has been rewarding, enriching and through that I’ve learned valuable skills and have met inspirational people who are now my friends.

My body image issues fell away naturally.

Laurie was supportive in an unconventional way sometimes and adapted our sessions according to my practical and emotional needs.

She took on many roles, mother, friend, therapist, coach and relationship consultant. She helped me establish boundaries within my friendships and family relationships. 

Most importantly, Laurie taught me how to be kind to myself.

Her down to earth, genuine, caring and open nature are what makes her a great life coach. I highly recommend working with her.”

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