I was excited but also a bit sceptical as I did not really know what to expect.

My daughter was diagnosed with cancer in May 2020. Due to surgeries and treatment, she is now battling long term effects such as Kyphosis, Scoliosis and Horner’s Syndrome.

For research reasons I have joined some Facebook groups. I saw a post from Laurie asking for parents who were willing to talk about their kids’ stories and the challenges they had. She wanted to start a training course for parents whos kids face medical challenges and was searching for some input. I thought that it is a very sweet idea and wanted to contribute with the challenges I had on the way of my daughter’s treatment. So, we started to message each other in beginning of February 2021.

After our initial talk we have connected again and we agreed that I will participate in one of her newly developed courses. After my daughter was diagnosed, I have spent lots of time on Google and Facebook to find the best Doctors and treatment and of course to educate myself about my daughter’s conditions.

Since my daughter is out of the active cancer treatment, I found it very hard to let go and continued to use Google and Facebook on a daily basis for hours. Even though I already read any possible article which was available in the world wide web. I just kept going to an extend that I started to affect my family, work and sleep. I was literally addicted to use my phone.

I tried multiple times to break the habit but the urge to “research” was bigger and I always fell back into old patterns. And I spend hours on the phone.

Laurie and I agreed on a Zoom session. I was excited but also a bit sceptical as I did not really know what to expect.

Anyway, after the session I had tools to use to overcome my urge to use my phone for research and I realized that I gain way more quality time. The session we had is now about 2 weeks ago and my screening time has been reduced in 70% (yes I know it’s a lot).


I am still using the tools on a daily basis, especially in stressful situation, for example when my daughter is getting closer to health check-ups.

I feel like just the one session with Laurie had a huge impact in my daily behaviour and I feel way more relaxed since then.

Laurie is an exceptional person who is passionate and honest. She is compassionate and very understanding which makes it easy to open up to her. I literally felt that I could trust her, pretty much from the beginning we started to communicate, and I could have talked to her for hours. There was not a single awkward moment even though we have never met and the session was via Zoom.

I very much appreciated all of her good advises.

You can truly feel that Laurie wants to improve people’s life and make a change for the better.

I can truly recommend Laurie’s service and I am convinced she will be able to guide you and help you out of your most difficult situation in life! Of course, she can’t take away your “problem”, but I experienced she can guide you and make it bearable. 😊

THANK YOU, LAURIE! 😊 Lots of love from Nicole