Laurie Sjostrom Coaching

Be the parent you always knew you could be. 

Set boundaries, communicate effectively, strengthen relationships with family and friends, feel calmer and more relaxed, be more able to help your child.  Don't pass too much of your own stuff onto your kids. Take a closer look at how you were brought up and how that will affect your kids. Stop being influenced by saccharine social media posts on parenting.

Be confident and make good decisions for your family.

Hear from the people like you who I've helped ... find out more about what's possible.

Nicole's Story

Her daughter was recovering from surgery and treatment for neuroblastoma.

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Maeve's Story

Her son, recently diagnosed with autism and severe anxiety would be starting big school.

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Anne's Story

She was separated from her 5 children when she escaped the Plymouth Brethern Cult.

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Carolyn's Story

Being married so many years she didn't see herself as divorced.

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Yasmin's Story

She recently lost her mother, her job, her focus and all she really wanted was to have boundaries in place so she could just be herself without all of the drama.... and maybe find a man.

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Maja's Story

She attended an event I hosted in Ireland and when we met we made an instant connection.  Maja shared how she felt vulnerable and frustrated at being cheated by unethical coaches. She needed to regain her faith in herself and others. 

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 I have 21 years experience working one to one with adults making their goals reality.  My background in coaching and problem solving give me a unique ability to help parents because I apply my years of business skills to helping parents, just like me, who have children who are facing real life challenges.  

If you are interested in hearing me explain what I do you can check out the video I made for you...- scroll down after you meet me and my family in the photo carousel below.  If you want to know more about me, reach out on LinkedIn or set up a free video call here.

Problem Solving

Meet me and find out a little more about the kind of work I do in this 17 minute video

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